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Perm Winter School 2019


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PWS 2019 materials

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Opening Perm Winter School 2019
Richard Olsen (University of Zurich, Lykke)
Governance systems for decentralized networks
Dillon Chen (Commonwealth Labs)
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Self-governance in complex financial systems
Alexey Lobanov (Bank of Russia)
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Centralized and decentralized trading systems: Historical perspectives
Anna Obizhaeva (New Economic School)
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A decentralized depository for digital assets
Artem Duvanov (National Settlement Depository, Moscow Exchange Group)
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AI against blockchain scalabiity
Mihail Nikulin (Lykke)
Organising liquidity at a crypto exchange: True story behind
Vladimir Petrov (University of Zurich)
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Liquidity monitoring insights
Christoph Scheuch (Vienna Graduate School of Finance)
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Market making opportunities in a world with stochastic latency
Stefan Voigt (Vienna Graduate School of Finance)
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Volatility trading
Vyacheslav Arbuzov (Perm State University)
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Stablecoins: An elusive dream of stability
Sergey Ivliev (Perm State University)
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A native stablecoin: Possible mechanism of the coin price stabilization based on the example of Teleport distributed CDN
Andrey Klimenko (Teleport)
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Blockchain in banks: Advantages and risks
Svetlana Malykhina (BPS-Sberbank)
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The past, present and future of insurance
Stuart King (Babel Cover)
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The nature of financial crises
Olga Kotina, Edward Dubinsky (Fintelect)