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Issuer/asset Price
BTC USD $ 606.71
EUR USD $ 1.1234
GBP USD $ 1.33372
LYKKE USD $ 0.05143
USD CHF 0.9723
USD JPY ¥ 101.856
ETH USD $ 11.98


Lykke Wallet is a key element of the Lykke trading ecosystem. The Lykke Wallet iOS and Android apps make it simple for you to buy and sell digital currencies and assets on the Lykke Exchange, our next-generation trading platform with zero commission. Immediate settlement and direct ownership are enabled by distributed ledger technology. Now anyone can trade easily!

0% commission
Zero broker commission.
low spreads
Matching engine with spread priority.
guaranteed execution
Trading at human speed. Best execution guaranteed!
immediate settlement
Your trade is settled in minutes.
direct ownership
Guaranteed by the blockchain.
100% security
Orders are approved by fingerprint. Your private key is stored on the device.

Questions & Answers

What is Lykke Wallet?
It's like your normal wallet or purse, only it's electronic. You use it to hold your money in different currencies. It's very practical: You can exchange one currency into another, and you don't need to go to a bank or an exchange to do it. Your wallet is linked to the Lykke Exchange. You can buy shares with it and even issue your own.
Why would I need it?

You need Lykke Wallet if:

  1. You want to invest your money in different currencies.
  2. You want to buy shares.
  3. You want to issue your own shares.
What do I need to pay for?
Nothing. There is no charge to use Lykke Wallet, and the commission rate is 0 percent.
How can I start using Lykke Wallet?
  1. Download the free iOS or Android app.
  2. Register your Lykke Wallet.
  3. Put some money into your wallet: Deposit bitcoins, transfer funds from a bank card or e-wallet, or make a bank wire transfer.
  4. Start trading!
What if I am no good in technology?
You don’t need any special knowledge. If you use the Internet, social media, online banking, or other apps on your smartphone, you are skilled enough to manage your Lykke Wallet.
Is it safe to put my money into Lykke Wallet?
Unlike on traditional exchanges, you don’t need to trust your money to the marketplace. Lykke Wallet is a multisignature wallet, which is like a safe with two keys. You have one key, and the exchange has the other. No one can take your money, even if your personal key is stolen.
What if anything happens to the exchange?
When you put your money into a Lykke Wallet, Lykke emails you a signed refund transaction. If the exchange is compromised, you’ll get your money back within two weeks.
How can I get my money out of Lykke Wallet?
You can withdraw your money to your account at any time without paying a fee.
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